Stephen West

Mr. West brings 34 years of experience including 19 in leading roles ranging from principal to executive administrator and as a school superintendent during that time. Mr. West’s tenure in the Concept Schools began four years ago and he became Superintendent in August of 2022. He was unanimously elected by both School Boards.
As the new Regional Superintendent of two amazing schools in Minnesota, Stephen West is passionate about ensuring academic excellence, school safety, and paving the way to post-graduate success for our students. He is deeply committed to the Concept School’s mission to educate, affirm, and inspire each student within an equity-embedded school system. His undergraduate degrees in social studies and government led him to fifteen years in the teaching field. His desire to increase his effectiveness and power to create change in school systems led him to complete his Administrator Licensure program at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. He is also an adjunct professor at Hamline University regarding these topics.
In addition to his role as an educational administrator, he also speaks and provides staff development to groups of educators, administrators, parents, and community groups. His presentations are forceful, powerful mediums with a positive and uplifting delivery. He has drawn from the research of experts in the field, such as Pacific Education Group, Ruby Payne, and James Banks as well as his own research and expertise.
Mr. West grew up in Memphis Tennessee but transitioned to Minnesota and enjoys working and living in the community with his two college-age children.