Ali Uslu

Ali Uslu has over 20 years of experience managing charter schools and leading educational initiatives. As a dedicated leader, he oversees areas such as planning, program development and evaluation, and resource allocation. Working closely with school leaders and central office staff, Mr. Uslu provides essential guidance to ensure effective educational practices are implemented. Mr. Uslu focuses on delivering high-quality STEM-focused college prep education across the Concept network, and he has played a significant role in the success of Concept Schools since joining Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School in 2001.

Mr. Uslu has a robust educational background, with a degree in biology and teaching experience and extensive experience in school administration and leadership roles in the central office since 2005. He furthered his expertise in charter school leadership by earning a Master's degree from Central Michigan University.

Alongside his professional achievements, his marriage brings him great happiness, and he takes pride in being a parent of three children.