Mustafa Arslan

Mustafa Arslan, who joined Concept Schools in 2004, has been integral to the organization's growth and success. He has served in various roles throughout his tenure, including teacher, Principal, and Superintendent. As the Regional Superintendent for the Indiana region, he has been overseeing the operations of the Indiana Math and Science Academies since 2014.

Mr. Arslan brings a wealth of experience to his role, both domestically and internationally. Before joining Concept Schools, he gained valuable classroom teaching and leadership experience abroad. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math Education and Teaching, which he earned from Marmara University in Turkey.

As a dedicated life learner, Mr. Arslan actively seeks opportunities to enhance his knowledge and skills. He regularly participates in workshops, conferences, and professional development programs to stay informed about the latest advancements in educational leadership. By embracing this mindset, he ensures that his leadership approaches remain innovative, effective, and student-centered.