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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
SevenSky provides a variety of branding, marketing, and advertising services
The start of our relationship with all of our customers begins with understanding and developing your brand. What is the core essence of your school, organization, or service? What matters to you and the people you serve and work with? Whether you have a well-seasoned brand or are just starting out, we are here to help you develop your brand every step of the way.
With several experienced photographers on our team, we’ve got your photography needs covered. We aim to capture you and your brand in the best light, capturing the visual story of your organization.
Our video production team is fully equipped with everything you need to create the video you want. We have the equipment needed to capture footage in the studio or in your work environment. We film everything from classroom activities to national events. From concept to the final cut, our video production team will be there.
Every brand is built around its visual and digital assets, ranging from logos and artwork to websites and promotional materials. Our graphic designers work with a handful of programs and come from an eclectic background so that we can give you the first look and feel for your brand.
Our resident web designer is an expert in both web development and Search Engine Optimization. In collaboration with you and our creative team, your website will be built to both showcase your brand and services and give your customers the information and tools they need.
In addition to creating the materials and tools you need for your brand and services, we offer guidance for your marketing plan.