Why people at Concept Schools believe in the public charter school model


As the celebration for National Charter Schools Week continues onward, Concept Schools wants to take a second to explain why we believe in the work we do every single day. As we laid out earlier this week, there are a lot of new trends emerging as more data is collected about how effective public charter school education is.


Here is what people within our network had to say when asked about why they think the charter school model is the best option for students.


Dincer Coach, Concept Schools Director of Science Education

Charter schools shine as beacons of innovation and choice in education, crafting unique models that think outside the box. They empower students with diverse learning opportunities, nurturing their individual strengths and passions.” 

Dr. Chris Murphy, Concept Schools Chief Strategic Growth & Communications Officer

“Families choose charter schools not only because they are free and open to all students, but also for their unique approach to teaching and learning and how they truly value their communities."

Matthew Johnson, Chicago Math and Science Academy, Art Teacher

“I like the charter school model because there’s flexibility. We have to do things within the courts of CPS obviously but it’s an open model for the most part. Within that framework, I have a lot of freedom to teach how I think is important for kids to develop. That is invaluable. If you came in and said, ‘they have to learn X, Y and Z’ and it’s very structured…then they become cogs in a wheel. It’s a non-bureaucratic environment that allows students to excel in the way that they need to.”


Paige Thompson, Indiana Math and Science Academy North, Art Teacher: “I really like the amount of diversity and different opportunities we offer to students. Just last weekend, I had some students who I brought this weekend who went to CONSEF. They’re now here (at Concept’s Art & Language Festival) again because they were willing to make the three-hour drive to come here. It’s really cool to see how multi-talented these kids and be able to do that at an event like this."