HSA Columbus Elementary Empower Our Youth Foundation

Tonya Kelly enjoys collaborating with local organizations in our community. It gives her the opportunity to share the great things that are going on in her school building daily. Horizon Science Academy Elementary Columbus is a multicultural school that is the compass of our city.  

Mrs Kelly's anti-bullying non-profit organization Empower our Youth Foundation teams up with local organizations such as Sahara-Columbus to provide food assistance with food, resources/services, school supplies, obtaining donations for uniforms, and Empower our Youth Foundation bringing awareness/advocacy to bullying issues happening at school. Being a resource and collaborating with other organizations in the community allows Dr. Kelly to widen the range of services she can provide my families and students at Horizon Science Academy Columbus Elementary. 

Sahara-Columbus helps her provide nutritious food bags for HSA Elementary students during Back to school week, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring break, and End of the year to combat food insecurity. 

Sahara Columbus - Mission is getting kids involved in community service. Youth Volunteers pack all food bags to give to local schools in Columbus and surrounding areas whose students are experiencing food insecurity and in need of school supplies.

Empower our Youth Foundation - Mission is to offer youth empowerment programs to students, families, and educators to learn more about bullying prevention, give our youth a voice and break the stigma of standing up against all forms of bullying. 

Another way she brings community involvement into my classroom is through my monthly Community Hero Days. The mission of Mrs. Kelly‚Äôs Community Hero Day is to provide my students with a wonderful opportunity to bring real-world experiences for youth into the classroom to ignite students to become enthusiastic, be inspired, and learn how to make a positive impact in this world as they get older. Students enjoy hearing and seeing community heroes in their community who are making a social impact in the city of Columbus. Attached are the Community Hero Day invitation and pictures for your review.