Whole New Year! Whole New Blog!

Whole New Year!  Whole New Blog!

Welcome to School Year 2015-2016! As the title suggests, this year’s blog will take a new direction. At Concept Schools, we try every day to address the hopes, fears, aspirations and challenges our students, teachers and parents feel. Being true to that mission has brought us to three new ideas for this communication platform:

  1. Blog posts that speak directly to parents designed to support and help you in the one of the most important tasks of your life—raising your children to be educated, engaged adults.
  2. Invite teachers to be guest bloggers to share their thoughts advice and expertise with all who read our posts telling their stories of success in the classroom; outstanding and inspiring students; and our schoolwide achievements in leadership and STEM education. concept-schools-blog-2


  1. Student Voice! We are actively seeking blogposts from our students as guest bloggers. What they want US to know about THEM! Students are mostly talked at, and not listened to, in this adult world of ours. Well…we want to give them a space where they can share their thoughts with us. There will be much to learn from our young people.   We are sure of it!


These blogposts will be uploaded as soon and as fast as we receive them. There will be posters to be displayed in each of our schools with the details on submitting written blogs to be posted on the schools’ websites. We will also offer a “writer’s stipend” to all of our students who are published in order to encourage our young writers. Each student that is published on their school’s website OR on the main Concept Schools’ website will receive a $100.00 gift card!concept-schools-blog-3

Concept Schools is not just a charter management organization with 30 schools in 7 states. Concept Schools is a mission-driven, STEM-focused organization that is determined to change the trajectory of our students’ lives! We prepare students for tomorrow yes, but we want to continue to inspire generations and transform our communities one mind at the time. We’ve been at this education thing for over 15 years, with proven results. This blog spot will represent one of the ways we provide real-world engagement by offering a real-time experience online with the chance to be seen all over the world!

So, pick up that stylus, crack out that keyboard, wipe down that keypad and let’s get started!



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