This Week in STEM: Virtual Reality

This Week in STEM: Virtual Reality

At Concept Schools, we get a little bit excited about all things related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We always keep an eye out on what’s going on in STEM in the news. Each week we will share what we think is awesome and worth learning about.

There are many more amazing things going on in STEM than we have shared, so leave a comment with your favorite STEM news from this week. 

The Moon Has a Dark Past

Or, more specifically, the moon used to have an atmosphere formed from volcanic ash. Toasty. Read more about what the recent study tells us about our moon, and how cool it is that we now know our Moon hasn’t always been the dry, rocky place we often think of. 

In this artist’s concept, the Moon is shown during the period of Late Heavy Bombardment (above) and as it appears today (below). Tim Wetherell — Australian National University

Get Excited About Math History With This Weirdly Fascinating Blog

The Washington Post shed a spotlight on a delightful treasure trove simply titled “Pat’s Blog.” Pat’s bio line reads “The mathematical (and other) thoughts of a (now retired) math teacher.” Whether you fancy yourself a mathematician or not, Pat’s blog is definitely worth the read. 


Mark Zuckerberg Visited Puerto Rico Using Virtual Reality

The world of virtual reality (VR) is making some great progress and this week, Mark Zuckerberg visited Puerto Rico via VR from California. As epic as this is, Zuckerberg and Rachel Dwyer spent time talking about the great things Facebook is doing to help relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Technology is pretty great sometimes, especially when it might help save lives. 

Live from virtual reality — teleporting to Puerto Rico to discuss our partnership with NetHope and American Red Cross to restore connectivity and rebuild communities.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, October 9, 2017



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