This Week in STEM: Our universe down to zom-bees

This Week in STEM: Our universe down to zom-bees

The universe is a pretty awesome place, no matter what time or place you look at in its long history. This week in STEM we’ve got everything from dinosaur eggs and killer bees to the first tennis tournament in space. 


The Universe is cooler than you think it is

Space is expanding faster than the speed of light and the universe is a bit more awesome than we already think it is. 


How giant dinosaurs sat on their eggs without scrambling them

You may not have ever wondered how dinosaurs sat on their eggs, but we promise this article is a fun lesson in how not to scramble your own dinosaur eggs. 

Tennis in space, anyone? Astronauts have a ball during the historic match

Astronauts already have pretty great jobs, but life on the space station just got better with anti-gravity tennis. 

Killer bees: The real zom-bee apocalypse 

We don’t mean to alarm you, but a lab experiment gone wrong has us buzzing with concern over these savage zombees.