This Week in STEM: Three Women Leading the way in STEM

This Week in STEM: Three Women Leading the way in STEM

As the U.S. midterm elections come to a close, it’s exciting to see that 9 new scientists were elected to Congress, including an ocean expert, a nurse, and a biochemist. Also, a record number of women will serve in Congress with still a handful of elections to be determined. In celebration of the diversity that makes our world a better, more innovative place, we thought we would focus on what’s going on this week with a few awesome women in STEM. 

Engaging Kids in Science with Cooking

Check out the Engineering Student’s YouTube Channel 

“Beauty and the Bolt is a nonprofit really geared towards lowering the barrier of entry for young women and minorities into STEM and maker spaces,” Xyla Foxlin told WMFD. “I would love to see, you know, not only numbers of women increase, but just numbers of anyone who wants to do engineering.” Xyla and her team have built their home on YouTube, showcasing accessible engineering education that is especially geared toward women and people of color. Check out their YouTube channel, Beauty and the Bolt, for some fun, educational, and inspiring engineering content. 

10 Career Tips From The First Woman To Lead The Smithsonian Air And Space Museum

Dr. Ellen Stofan made a deliberate decision to step back from her management-level career in aerospace. The reason? Spending more time with her family. Dr. Stofan now leads the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM), one of the most prestigious jobs in the world. She also happens to be the first woman to hold this position. After spending 12 years working part-time and raising her family, Dr. Stofan was offered the job. This motivating article shares her insight and life lessons on leading a life in STEM fields.