This Week in STEM: Space Potatoes and Girls in STEM

This Week in STEM: Space Potatoes and Girls in STEM

At Concept Schools we get a little bit excited about all things related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We always keep an eye out on what’s going on in STEM in the news. Each week we will share what we think is awesome and worth learning about.

There are many more amazing things going on in STEM than we have shared, so leave a comment with your favorite STEM news from this week.  

Is the universe a shaped like a cosmic potato?

This is an important question, and also kind of fun to think about. Check out this video from minutephysics to learn what the shape of space is!

Get ready for the Solar Eclipse

As the North American Solar Eclipse comes closer, the internet is abuzz with information about how you can enjoy the celestial show. We’re keeping our eyes on useful resources, like tips on protecting your eyes and capturing the eclipse with your smartphone.

Scientists found a new, impressively large, species of ocean sunfish

After a four-year journey, researchers in New Zealand have confirmed the existence of a new species of ocean sunfish. Apparently the new species has been hiding under our noses for centuries, hence the appropriate name Mola Tecta: the hoodwinker sunfish. You can read about the epic journey to uncover the sneaky creature in the link above.

Afghan Girls Celebrated at Global Robotics Event

Teenagers from all around the world gathered in Washington, D.C. this last week to compete in FIRST Global Challenge, an international robotics event. The team of girls from Afghanistan earned quite a bit of media attention in the weeks leading up to the competition due to trouble being granted temporary visas. All was well in the end, though, and the girls joined their peers to celebrate the value of collaboration and innovation.

Girl Scouts are gearing up for STEM

This week Girl Scouts announced 23 new STEM badges. The new badges encourage girls of all ages to explore the world around them. Some of the new categories include activities in robotics, engineering, and coding.

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