This Week in STEM: We’re All About that Space Life

This Week in STEM: We’re All About that Space Life

At Concept Schools, we get a little bit excited about all things related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We always keep an eye out for what’s going on in STEM in the news. Each week we will share what we think is awesome and worth learning about.

We can’t share all of the amazing things happening in STEM: leave a comment with your favorite STEM news from this week.

STEM stamps make their debut

The United States Postal Service rolled out a new set of stamps this week: STEM stamps! Each of the four stamps includes graphics related to the subject over the face of a young person. 

NASA’s test dummies are the real MVP’s in space flight

This week, NASA published a video of the crash-test dummies that help make air and space travel safer for humans. The dummies sure do take a beating, but it’s all in the name of research and safety. 

Would you spend your vacation in a space hotel?

A company in Houston called Orion Span is hoping to launch the “first luxury hotel in space.” Here’s the best part: they plan to have guests on board by 2022. That’s right, a space hotel might be taking reservations in only four years. What would you do on your space vacation?  

German researchers just harvested their first antarctic salad

Contrary to popular belief, the Midwestern United States is not the coldest barren wasteland on earth (snow in April has us a little cold and bitter at Concept). Turns out, the cold and hostile environment of Antarctica is a great place for scientists to learn how to grow plants and provide fresh food to astronauts in space. Read all about this awesome work being done by German scientists, including the results of their first harvest!  

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