This Week in STEM: SciGirls and Cardboard STEM Games

This Week in STEM: SciGirls and Cardboard STEM Games

At Concept Schools, we get a little bit excited about all things related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We always keep an eye out for what’s going on in STEM in the news. Each week we will share what we think is awesome and worth learning about.

We can’t share all of the amazing things happening in STEM: leave a comment with your favorite STEM news from this week.

PBS Kids SciGirls is Back and Celebrating STEM and Language

SciGirls is a PBS Kids show that encourages tweens to develop an interest in STEM. The show is back for the 4th season, and this year will celebrate STEM as well as Hispanic language and culture, with six new episodes in primarily Spanish with English subtitles. 

The Sun Had a Bit of a Hiccup

According to NASA, the sun shot out a small coronal mass ejection that was also associated with a small flare. Visit this SDO pick of the week page to see video footage of the solar show. 

Coming Soon: Nintendo’s Labo Cardboard STEM Toys

While video games can have their own benefit in learning, Nintento’s new Labo cardboard STEM toys take the fun and learning to a new level. Players are tasked with building the toys that serve as controllers before they can play the games themselves. Ranging from a cardboard piano to a robot suit, this looks like a great opportunity to integrate STEM into video game play time. 

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