This Week in STEM: How Science Helps us Protect our Earth

This Week in STEM: How Science Helps us Protect our Earth

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s edition of This Week in STEM is a little late but full of the best STEM news, curated just for you! Let us know what you think by commenting on this post or sharing it on social media.  


25 things we bet you didn’t know you could see from space

We can see a lot going on from space, but could you list 25 without reading this article? 

















The melting of Greenland is almost irreversible

The aptly named country Greenland is in a dire situation. Scientists have warned that the country is “approaching the threshold of an irreversible melt, and the consequences for coastal cities could be dire.” Read this article to learn more about the state of our ice caps and what you can do to help. 
















This high schooler discovered an unexpected ocean pollutant

Alex Weber is a high school junior in California. She also happens to be a pretty cool citizen scientist. The high schooler had discovered a plastic pollutant off the coat of her home state: golf balls. Read the article above to learn about the teen and how she worked with a researcher at Stanford to clean up our coastal waters.