This Week in STEM: Driverless Hotel Rooms and Free Digital Literacy Courses

This Week in STEM: Driverless Hotel Rooms and Free Digital Literacy Courses

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you are just as excited as we are about diving right into a new year. In 2019’s very first installment of This Week in STEM, we’ve got some great things for you to read (or watch). 

Crash Course: Navigating Digital Information

One thing that most educators value is teaching students is how to safely and critically navigate online spaces. We live in a world that is far more connected than at any time in history, and that is both exciting and terrifying. Whether you are a seasoned professional or if you are just now getting into it, this FREE course is ideal for all of us. Check out the introduction video below to get an idea of what the course will cover and why it might be useful for you, 

Imagine a world with hotel rooms on the go

Imagine a world where you go to sleep in one city and wake up in another, only you haven’t boarded an airplane. What if we told you that in only six years (2025), all new vehicles will be 100% electric? What if our cities were made up of rooms on wheels, towers of moving blocks, and people inside all of them? Read this fantastic future piece about driverless hotel rooms if you’re interested in the future of transportation and driverless vehicles. 

The Boston Harbor is clean and its fish are cancer-free

Over 30 years after clean-up began in the Boston Harbor, scientists have found plenty of positive effects on local wildlife. One of the concerns about pollution in the harbor in the late ’80s was flounder fish having tumors. Recent studies are finding that these tumors are not only starting to disappear but that the levels of disease-related with the polluted water are lower now than ever. This is an inspiring article showing us how Boston Harbor’s revival displays how damaged ecosystems can indeed thrive again.