This Week in STEM: Do Crocodiles like Classical Music?

This Week in STEM: Do Crocodiles like Classical Music?

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The Matrix is near

Scientists have successfully started mice pregnancies using an artificial embryo. This could mean great things for human pregnancy, including preventing infertility or treating potential health issues in the womb. This is all great, so long as we don’t let the robots start growing humans for their power supply in the Matrix. 

Do crocodiles like classical music?

Researchers put crocodiles in an MRI and played classical music. What did they find? The study was looking to understand how the crocodilian brain responds to complex sound compared to mammals and birds. No crocodiles or researchers were harmed during the study, though no word yet on whether or not the crocs enjoyed the music. 

Head to Texas to try out Dive.AI’s self-driving car service

Frisco, Texas is about to get a self-drive service. Starting this summer, a fleet of cars will be able to take passengers to specific retail, entertainment, and office locations. Place your bets now on how long until we all have our own computer chauffeurs. 

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