Horizon Science Academy is a great school to learn and to become a better student and person. The curriculum here is very precise and challenging. We have science fairs year round and go on numerous educational and fun field trips. If you listen and follow directions there is no reason why you should not pass with flying colors. I attended the same public school up until the sixth grade. When I came to Horizon I was able to expand my knowledge and improve in what had been troubling me for years at my other school. Horizon isn’t your average school. We are a charter school. Although we do extremely well in academics, that’s not what we’re all about! Here at Horizon we have various clubs, i.e. Art Club, Go Green Club, Spelling Bee Club and so much more to look forward to. We also participate in many in-school and out-of-school activities. In Mrs. Kline’s class (our head of the English and Social Studies department) we’ve gone on several field trips, i.e. Pro Football Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, A Christmas Story House, Motown Historical Museum, bowling, movies, Coventry Village, etc. We have also held numerous bake sales, which profits have all gone to charity, i.e. Animal Protective League, The City Mission, West Side Catholic Center, St. Augustine Hunger Center, etc. In Ms. Kratz’s class we are currently doing fantasy football, which is a learning experience for me.  Personally, I think if you are lucky enough to attend Horizon then you will be able absorb all the fun, factual days here at Horizon.

Oluchi Onyeukwu, Student

I have been a student at Horizon Science Academy for three school years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The teachers are very reasonable and fair. The staff is excellent and the rules help keep the school safe and in order. There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing information so that everyone gets what is to be done and there’s tutoring if we need it. There are many opportunities for Horizon students.  For example, some eighth grade students are able to take high school algebra and at the same time receive high school credit for the subject. But with all that work we should have a break once in a while, right? I like that Horizon has many activities available for students. It is fun when we go to new cities and places. There is also the annual trip to Turkey in the summer. There are various clubs and the teachers make the assignments fun with science fairs and school projects.

Selena Bostick, Student

Horizon Science Academy Cleveland Middle School (yeah, I know it’s a mouthful) is a great school. The teachers are very qualified and I know they want us to succeed. I can’t stay away from this school. I tried another school for one day (one day!) and I came home and told my mother, “I’m not going back. Take me back to Horizon.” We do fun activities and we’re all really close. Mrs. Kline is the ever-hilarious Language Arts teacher but she is also very serious when it comes to our work. Ms. Kratz, my math teacher, is really good at what she does. Whenever I think something is hard, she makes it so easy. Ms. Maimone is kind of wacky (J) but she’s a good teacher and she is real serious about good behavior. Ms. Haines, the dean of students, is great, too. The students, my friends, are so funny and smart. I mean, everyone here is destined for a great future. They’re part of the reason I came back.

Sophia Hardy, Student

Horizon Science Academy is a great school! The teachers here are super about encouraging students to do their very best. Mrs. Kline, my English teacher, is fun and I really like her class. She loves to joke around, but does not play about getting work done. My math teacher, Ms. Kratz, loves math, and makes learning very fun for everyone in my seventh grade class. Mr. Stevens teaches us science. We do fun things like play Science Jeopardy. We also do science projects and experiments in class. Ms. Maimone, my social studies teacher, also likes to make jokes, but still teaches in the process. My art teacher, Mrs. Hammond, teaches us about famous artists back maybe when she was little like Pablo Picasso. Mr. Dogan, my computer teacher, teaches us different ways to use a computer to our advantage such as doing slide-show projects and animation. Ms.Mitchell, my Spanish teacher, teaches us how to speak and learn different words in the Spanish language. All of the teachers at Horizon give us many academic choices. They guide us down the right path. I am so proud and lucky to go to Horizon!

Jasmine Smith, Student

Horizon Science Academy is a great school to attend. You learn things at this school. It is fun but it’s very strict here. I believe this school provides the best education in the state of Ohio. For example, the teachers always believe in you and they make sure you try your hardest on everything you do. This school also has a lot of fun activities and fun field trips. We go on fun and educational field trips such as the Pro Football Hall of Fame almost every year and while you are there you have fun but you also learn about football history. And every time we go we have to take a test on things such as who won the Super Bowl in 1987, etc.  They do it to make sure you aren’t just playing around but to make sure you were paying attention. We have clubs like Pep Club, which is when you color poster boards and design them and put them up around the school. We have a basketball team, which is my favorite activity at Horizon, but to be on the team you have to keep your grades up. If your grades are down you can’t play until you get them up. We also have bake sales to raise money to prepare sack lunches for the homeless and hungry in Mrs. Kline’s class. It’s so cool to go to this school here at Horizon where education comes first. You also have the opportunity to take high school algebra as an eighth grader and you can get credit for high school when you go to high school in the future. Horizon also makes sure that you are safe at all times. There is a no tolerance for fighting here or having weapons at this school; anything that can hurt someone or yourself is a suspension or expulsion. I have attended Horizon for four years and this is the best school I have ever been to.

Ramone McDaniel, Student

I really value my education at Horizon Science Academy for many reasons. First, I get to learn about many things I never knew about. Another reason is that the teachers here really care about you and your education. Also, I have a lot of chances to make up work during the week. Tutoring is also available after school for those students who don’t understand something. I also have the opportunity to join a variety of clubs, such as the Spelling Bee Club. I also get to learn Spanish, which I never knew before. Lastly, this school has a safe learning environment and I learn many things here. These are some of the many reasons why I value my education at Horizon Science Academy Cleveland Middle School.

Raekwon Goodman, Student

Horizon Science Academy is a charter school that everyone can enjoy. Horizon has a very unique school system that meets every parent’s needs. The after-school activities are something to look forward to and have each individual working hard. The after-school programs are very fun and provide students something to do rather than just doing homework all the time. Horizon is full of teachers who are determined to help every student find their full potential. Each teacher will help the students with anything that they need. All of the schools that I have attended in the past did not have teachers who are as determined as the ones at Horizon. Overall, this school has many things to do. This school also keeps kids occupied and will help them get a head start on a successful career. That’s why I love this school!

Teliah Gainer, Student

Horizon Science Academy expects nothing less than the best from each and every student. Teachers are here to teach but at this school they inspire. They are compassionate and caring towards the students. Tutoring and after-school programs are offered to all students. The staff tries their best to ensure a stable, safe school environment and is always well prepared for any emergency. The staff at Horizon also teaches in various ways for the student’s understanding, such as tactic (allows students to move around while learning; auditory (speaking); and visual (so the students see what is being taught, i.e. Power Point presentations). I express my gratitude by always doing my best, to let my teachers know I got their message. My language arts teacher, Mrs. Kline, uses a variety of strategies to teach us in ways I didn’t know of, i.e. song/movie poster/photo analysis activities, oral reports, Power Point presentations, etc. My science teacher allows me and my classmates to conduct science experiments to solve problems.

Horizon is very well-rounded. Students attend four core classes which include science, math, social studies and language arts. Students also attend two elective classes, some of which include Turkish, Spanish, physical education, art and computer.

I very much appreciate everything all of my teachers have done for me such as helping me when I’ve had problems with assignments, or just encouraging me to always try and by no means refrain from what I was originally doing.

Zakiyyah Malik, Student

Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers,

My name is Jomari Giddens. I just want to say that this school helps me learn a lot of things this year. I get a lot of help with the subjects if I need help. I love the teachers. They are very patient with me, trying to take their time and teach me. Miss Flick is such a caring and loving person. She always smiles and makes people laugh. Mrs. Davis is helping us succeed in our math and I really thank her for that.

I love all of the teachers and the staff even if I get in trouble. I will always care for them. This school is so amazing and fun I will never want to leave this school. I have kind and nice friends that I like to play with them a lot outside. The rooms are so big and fun and nice. This school is the best school ever. I will never want to leave.
Administration is very nice and I thank you all for letting me in your school again. By the way my favorite subjects are language arts, math, gym, and art is fun too. I hope the best wishes for you all.

Jomari D Giddens, 5th grade student

Dear Horizon,

I will always try my best in school. I have always loved this school since the day I came here. The teachers respect me, and I respect them. I will never ever forget this school in my life. This is the best school I have ever had in the past three years. I think this school year is going to be the best school year ever in Horizon history.

I never thought I was ever going to come to this school in my life, but I came. It was my dream to come to this school. This is my dream school. I thought I would never live to see this day happen. This is the best day of my life. I will never disrespect a teacher in my life. I have always liked this school ever since the first time I have seen it in 2005.

Jan Cruz, 5th grade student

Dear HSACES community,

I think the Barack Obama’s back to school speech was great and I will respect the HSA and I will help teachers and students. The HSA is a good and fun school and it has many activities and the HSA is the best school ever and it is a fabulous, existing, great school. I like this school because you can get horizon bucks, nice teachers, and because the people in the HSA. I love you as a principal. When you leave this school or retire I wish I can take your place.

Our school is fun and nice. Everybody is smiley, happy, serious, and sweet, I’m glad I’m at this good school and I’m glad that my parents put me in this school. Administration is great because we have all these good activities for the students at HSA. When I grow up I will be just like my teachers because they are all great.

Amari Powell, 4th grade student

Dear HSACES community,

This school is the best. I like playing on the playground and it is lots of fun. I play football, cops, and secret agent. I play in the little house on top of the playground set. I love recess and gym. I can do more and play volleyball. I play monkeys in the middle with friends. I cannot say “I do not have fun on the playground.” I’d never had more fun.

I love Language Arts because I can learn about reading and discover new words. There is so much to learn. The teacher (Mrs. Flick) reads us awesome stories, and we do too. We can be stellar spellers (which means we can skip language arts homework.) We can earn tickets for the prize box. We can earn horizon bucks for the horizon buck store.

But my favorite subject is math. I get to learn about properties and how to add and subtract estimates. I cannot play or talk. (You can if permission given to you) We now have group names and I do not like mine. But I’m going to have to live with it. So today I know I cannot go against math.

Art is my 3rd favorite subject. I lost my pencil in there but it’s still awesome. I get to draw still lives and sometimes whatever we want. I lose points because of my group but oh well. I like it anyway. So I love art and it will always be my 3rd favorite subject.

Joshua Rockamore, 4th grade student

Dear HSACES members and staff,

This school is the best school I have ever gone to. I love this school so much that I got to stay here until I get in high school. My sister graduated from Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School. I am not the only one that is happy to go here. My mom is happy because it has a campus here and I’m not the only one that go here. My niece is happy to go here, my big sister is happy to go here. I love going here so much. This is my favorite school. This is my second year here. This is my year to shine. Next year I will be going to 6th grade. I love this school. People always help me with my problems I want to stay here forever. I love this school. I was in this school ever since 4th grade. So when I go to 6th grade I will have to come back to get my niece. I will come back to see you one day if it is a college of Horizon Science Academy. I will go there in my days. I will open a school named Horizon Science Academy Cleveland college school. I go here until I go to high school. The teacher are well teaching us something we are going to get our education because the teacher I love this school.

Aundre Woods 5th grade student

Dear world,

Hi! My name is Angel Thompson and I would like to say that my school is great. The first time I came here I was thinking that this might be a good school. Now that am here it is a great school, not only for me but for everyone in my class. Over the past three years I have had great friends and teachers. Just now I have learned something new and now that I am and 5th grade it is getting harder. I am going to stay focus to pass the every test and get a good career thanks to this school and the great teachers. I have learned the most at this school and this school helped me catch up and know more.

Some other things that I love about this school are there after school activities. One of the things is the cheerleading I am trying out for it so good luck for me. There are other things like kids that need extra help after school. I was in there two years ago and it helped me out a lot. The teachers here are great. They take extra time out of the day to help us and do things step by step with us for us to understand it. Everyone here is nice and kind and I have great friends. The rewards that they gave away to use for passing the tests are great I have won a reward a lot of times and that is all thanks to my teachers and my friends. My favorite part is the end of the school year when we have field day so whoever is listen this is a great school!!!

Angel Thompson, 5th Grade Student.

Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers,

This school is the by far the best school I’ve been educated in. The teachers encourage me to stay on track and turn in my work on time. I love the activities here more so the educational ones, but I also love the physical ones such as P.E, and the playground. The students here are some of the best educated I’ve met. I’ve been here for two years and still haven’t changed my opinion about this school. Of course some of the work is easy, but it’s far from unhelpful from my perspective. I’ve never been to a school with such loving, caring teachers. This is only my second year here and I love it! I’ve made a lot of friends in the time I’ve been here. Most of my friends are still here because the love this school too. I tell people at home to come to Horizon because I think everyone would love it here. The teachers leave no child behind.

As you probably noticed already that I really love this school and there is no place I’d rather be, I’m not the only one. My mom and I love its convenient campus because it has the Elementary, Middle, and High school all on one campus. If Horizon Science Academy Cleveland isn’t the best school by far then I don’t know what school is. I want to stay here forever and I hope that I can, so if you’re looking for a school to enroll your child/children in please consider Horizon Science Academy Cleveland. Your child will make friends very soon. The teachers will help and support your child. They will stop at nothing to help your child to get the education they need. Your child will love this school! If you already enrolled your child I hope they have a great year! You can’t find a school like this anywhere else.

Jada Harrison, 5th grade student

Dear members of HSA community,

I am glad to be at this school. They have fun things to do at this school. I like their field trips. Some of the teachers take us to good places. I learned lots of things. This school is the best of all the schools that I ever went to. They have all kinds of things to do. My favorite classes are math & L-arts and others. The teachers are kind and loving.
They taught me that I don’t know. The school has the best activities in the world. They do lots of good activities at end of the school year. We have horizon buck store. That’s cool. They have new stuff this year. I am happy to be at this school. This is the best school ever. I am glad to be at this school.

Ruslan Mamadaliev, 5th grade student