The Solar Eclipse and STEM: Is your Program Ready to Launch?

The Solar Eclipse and STEM: Is your Program Ready to Launch?


It’s easy to take light for granted, but Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) wants to show us the importance of the Sun this summer. This nationwide campaign will largely impact STEM education, especially those in underserved areas without the resources to take advantage of the solar eclipse’s learning opportunities.

Building on the Eclipse Education Program will stimulate excitement about STEM education due to the rarity of the solar eclipse. This is the first solar eclipse to cover the continental United States in 99 years. All formal and informal educational groups are invited to participate in AWB’s program. This open invitation includes schools, libraries, museums, scouts, youth groups in inner cities and isolated rural communities.

The program (which includes lesson plans and support from AWB), is free. You will, however, need to purchase a pair of protective solar glasses for each student. If you need financial assistance, AWB has options and resources for you and your students. 

If you’re interested in planning lessons around the solar eclipse, check out AWB and these additional online resources we think you’ll find helpful:

Timelapse Footage of Total Solar Eclipse over the Pacific Ocean

Get hands-on by making a pinhole camera to calculate the diameter of the sun and safely view the eclipse

Find out if your local library is participating in the celestial event

And also check out this cool video of the path of the total eclipse


Plot a map of the total solar eclipse viewing path and ask questions about different locations

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