“Whether it was always accessible and responsive teachers, endearing home visits, educational field trips, robust science fairs, or the awesome Accelerated Reader initiative, I could see that everyone was as invested in my children as I was.”

H. Bonds, Parent

“Much like a blossoming flower, as time goes on the definition of what it means to be a part of this amazing network keeps unfolding. The genuine love and support surrounding students are evident everywhere my child goes. The teaching staff at Horizon Science Academy, and throughout all of Concept, is one of love, acceptance, and the solid understanding that it takes an entire community to educate children. There is a fundamental understanding that creating a loving, safe environment with high standards enables students to excel. It is more like a family working together with intricate movements to ensure students have the foundation sand support networks every student needs to excel.”

J. Jensen, Parent

“Being an immigrant and someone who had no high school education, I greatly benefited by sending my child to a school that guided her through the process… The school provided countless aids such as financial aid seminars and constant teacher involvement. Thanks to Chicago Math and Science Academy and Concept Schools, my child has been given countless opportunities that have helped pave the way to her attending the University of Chicago at Illinois and helped her gain experience in business.”

R. Hanif, Parent

“The enthusiasm and genuine caring from the teachers have made a deep and lasting impact on our children. They have helped our children grow socially and emotionally by taking the time to really get to know and understand them as people, not just as students.

As the children of an active duty military member, they know that they have to move frequently and start over often. They have struggled to make new friends and to prove their abilities to their teachers and coaches each time their dad is transferred to a new unit. However, the choice to have our children attend Horizon Science Academy Lorain was an easy choice for us to make. Now that they are completing their second year with the school, we see that it was the right choice for them academically, athletically, socially, and emotionally.

HSA Lorain teachers took the time when our children started at this school to discover their academic abilities and have fostered their natural talents. The teachers have consistently pushed our children to work harder than before, and this allowed them the chance to grow, learn, and advance their knowledge in a way that would not have been able to at another school.”

B. Gilkey, Parent