Celebrating National School Choice Week

Celebrating National School Choice Week

Blog Contributed by Dr. Christopher Murphy, Chief Strategic Growth & Communications Officer

For 20 years, Concept Schools has been a part of the school choice movement, bringing the opportunity of a high-quality STEM-focused and college-preparatory education to families that otherwise may not have access.  

Be it traditional public, charter, magnet, private schools, online academies, or homeschooling, all families deserve the right to choose the best K-12 educational option for their children. Never before has school choice proven so important, and Nina Rees, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, explained why:

  • Parents want choice – national reports repeatedly indicate that parents want public charter schools as an option for their child’s education
  • Choice leads to student success – with autonomy to increase instructional time, many charter students are in school longer than their traditional school peers, and charter school students are making gains that outpace their district peers
  • Choice empowers advocacy and strengthens communities – through the lens of charter schools, families are finding their voice, and lawmakers are taking notice

Large school systems across the country repeatedly struggle to support the ever-changing learning needs of students affected by trauma and generational poverty. Schools of choice are allowed the autonomy to adjust to changes and provide the targeted supports or educational pathways that best support families.

Over the past ten years, National School Choice Week has grown to become the world’s largest annual celebration of educational opportunity. National School Choice Week is a nonpartisan, non-political, independent public awareness effort and is a celebration in which Concept Schools proudly supports.