This Week in STEM: One Giant Leaf for Mankind

This Week in STEM: One Giant Leaf for Mankind

Happy Thursday, everyone, and welcome to yet another edition of This Week in STEM. This week we’ve got three stories for you to get excited about. So scroll through, watch a cool video, and enjoy your weekly dose of STEM news. 

This neuroscientist has pinned down memories in brain cells 

And he’s implanting memories into mice. Watch the video below to learn more about this research. 


Get ready for the “Super Wolf Blood Moon”

This will be the last of its kind for 18 years, so click on the link above to learn more! 









One step for the lunar lander, one giant leaf for mankind 

No, that is not a typo you just read. Not only has China sent a lunar lander to the far side of the moon, but it has also sprouted a cotton seed on the moon! 


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