This Week in STEM: NASA Pumpkins and the Math of Laughing

This Week in STEM: NASA Pumpkins and the Math of Laughing

Halloween is over and winter is coming, so feel free to distract yourself from the thought of snow by diving right in to enjoy our top picks for what’s going on This Week in STEM.

So long, and thanks for all the planets

NASA retires the Kepler Telescope, click the link above to learn more. 

This is what happens when you let NASA engineers carve pumpkins

Click the link above for an entire photo album of spooky STEM goodness. You’re welcome. 


The definite mathematical guide to laughing out loud

What if we told you that math found a way to determine just how funny you are? 

How Face ID works…probably

Computers are great, but have you ever wondered how your phone can recognize your face? Watch this video from Computerphile to find out! 


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