This Week in STEM: Math and Science Meet Mario Kart and Superheroes

This Week in STEM: Math and Science Meet Mario Kart and Superheroes

At Concept Schools, we get a little bit excited about all things related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Every week we keep an eye out for what’s going on in STEM and share our favorites with you!

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Which Mario Kart character is scientifically superior?

Data science is cool, even more so when you use it to learn which Mario Kart character really is the best of them all. Read the article linked above to learn how you can figure out your own stats and determine which character you can play to master the Rainbow Road. 

How can you make the world cup a learning experience?

Summer is here and the World Cup is on! Check out this great resource that can help you keep your students interested and learning throughout the World Cup. 

Are Superhero capes aerodynamic? 

We all know that Esma from The Incredibles swears against superhero capes: but are they actually useful? Read the article above to learn about the aerodynamics of capes! 




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