The TOP 5 Things Every Parent Should Know!

The TOP 5 Things Every Parent Should Know!

As parents, we all want our children to receive the best education possible.  We want them to be successful, academically strong and psychologically confident.  Listed below are the TOP 5 THINGS EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW to make sure that an excellent education happens for your young people.

  1. spacerKnow what goes on at your child’s school. Please read the materials we send home and please, please attend the parent nights. Talk to your child daily about what happened in school that day.
  2. spacerKnow how your child is assessed and learn how to interpret test scores. Read the test reports when they are sent home and ask the school questions about things you do not understand (contact the guidance counselor or the testing coordinator). _K8A4678Find out how your child’s test score will affect his access to opportunities and what you can do to help improve your child’s performance. Know the difference between a percentile score and a raw score. If you become familiar with your son or daughter’s strengths and challenges, you can capitalize on what they do well, and we can help you find support and resources to help with the things thven’t mastered yet.
  3. spacerKnow whom to contact if you have questions. Typically you can contact your child’s teachers if you have questions about what goes on in the classroom, the dean or principal if you have questions about discipline or school-wide policies, the guidance counselor if you have questions about testing, services, course registrations, or resources, and the main office staff if you have general questions. If these people cannot help you, find out who can. Another good resource is our school webs We are always ready and available to help.
  4. spacerKnow the principal and your child’s teachers. Meet the principal personally. That way, if you later have a question or concern, the principal will know who you are.  Our principals are always open and willing to meet with you if there are any concerns that arise.  Check in periodically with your child’s teachers to keep on top of their performance.  Our teachers do hisits and are committed to reaching out to YOU throughout the year.
  5. spacerAND…most importantly….Know that a GROWTH mindset helps your child feel encouraged and supported!  When your child believes they can get smarter, then they understand that effort and focused hard work makes them stronger.  Your child will have challenges in life, no matter how well they achieve in school.  Having a GROWTH mindset instead of believing you are not a “math person” or are not “mechanically-minded” (having a fixed mindset) is key.  For those who think they can change their intelligence, research shows they CAN increase their grades and mastery of academic subjects over time.  See more here:


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Other ideas from: Jennifer Sajovec – Concept Schools Director of Early Elementary Education

We, here at Concept Schools want to provide the best STEM-focused education for your child(ren).  We also want to support YOU in your parenting efforts.  We have been changing the trajectory of students’ lives for 17 years, with proven results.  Thank you for trusting us with this task, and please let us know how we can continue to help.

Have a great school year and keep coming back to this blog for more resources and information!

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