Spelling Bee

And the Winners Are!


On December 7th Concept Schools held its 6th Annual Spelling Bee in Chicago at the Student Center of the University of Illinois.  Students from throughout the Concept network gathered to compete against each other in a positive and inspirational competition.


Winners of the 3-5 Grade Spelling Bee

1st – Amya Washington, HSA Belmont (5th grader)

2nd – Gio-Michael Bagtas, MMSA Michigan (4th grader)

3rd – Kyler Neal, IMSA West Indianapolis (4th grader)

Overall Best School 3-5th, IMSA West Indianapolis


Winners of the 6-8 Grade Spelling Bee

1st – Leah Walters, IMSA North (7th grader)

2nd – Olabisis KuKu, CMSA Chicago (6th grader)

3rd – Octavia Allen, HSA Lorain (8th grader)

Overall Best School 6-8th, IMSA North Indianapolis


Congratulations to the winners and all our schools, teachers, and students for their hard work!


“Spellbound” Announced as Theme

The annual Concept School Spelling Bee will be held earlier than in year’s past.  With so many event taking place in April we have decided to spread our ELA events out so that more students can participate and prepare.  We encourage schools to begin planning for their local bees so they are ready to send their winning students to Chicago to compete for the big prizes! Schools are responsible for organizing travel and accomodations.

Date: December 7, 2013

Location: Chicago

Venue: University of Illinois at Chicago, 214 Student Center East, 750 S. Halsted, Chicago, Illinois 60607

Theme: Spellbound

The following attachments will be helpful for teachers, coordinators, and others to prepare students in schools:

Spelling Cover Sheet to Coordinators2013

Spelling Bee Classroom Ideas Bank

3-5 Grade Spelling Bee Toolkit

6-8 Spelling Bee Toolkit

Spelling Bee Rules 2013

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