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OAPCS Announced Teacher and School Leader of the Year Finalists


Amongst the finalists are two invaluable members of the Concept community.
OAPCS will announce the winners at their annual conference in Columbus, Ohio on December 5-7, 2011.

      Natasha Galbraith
 Natasha Galbraith
 Teacher of the Year
HSA  Youngstown 



     mr. sumer        Fatih Sumer

 School Leader Finalist

 HSA Cleveland HS


The Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent membership organization dedicated to the enhancement and sustainability of quality charter schools in Ohio.


Parent Essay Winners Announced


Thank you again to all participants of Concept Schools' 1st Annual Parents' Writing Contest. 


We truly appreciate and value the 312 essays we received and look forward to sharing your stories in our communities.  


Please click below:


Sedat Duman, President/CEO, announced Parent Essay Contest Winners. 


Read the winning essays here.  


Concept Schools' Professional Development Days    


North Ohio PD Day- Nov. 23, Cleveland, OH


Instructional Coordinators PD Day- Nov. 30, Columbus OH


Directors' PD- Dec. 10-11, Columbus, OH


For more PD opportunities, visit Ed. Workshops at


Concept Teachers Present During PD Days


Thank you to all teachers who presented at the South Ohio PD Day in Columbus and who will present at the North OH PD Day in Cleveland for their wonderful presentations. 

Teacher Observations 


Concept Schools piloted an online performance management tool called Bullseye Evaluation last year and extended the usage this year. This state of the art tool provides teachers with:


- immediate access to    evaluations

- ability to comment on evaluations

- data views and statistics

- graphical view of      employee performance  data


Teacher evaluations are based on the rubric that all teachers were given at the beginning of the school year.  Teachers will have formal and on-demand evaluations and walkthroughs based on:


- planning and preparation

- instruction

- classroom management

- professional attributes and responsibilities

Get Prepared at ACT Camp

Concept Schools will hold three regional ACT
camps during this winter break:

West Concept Schools: Elmhurst College- Elmhurst, IL on January 3-7, 2012.

South OH Region: Devry University- Columbus, OH on December 17-21, 2011.

North OH Region: Salt Fork Lake State Park- Columbus, OH on December 19-21, 2011.

NWEA Assessment

In our first year of implementation, 26 Concept schools finalized NWEA administration in the fall.

Our goal is to have teachers use the data for instructional decisions concerning changes in instructional methodology, student placement, and implementation of a new program.
Concept Schools' Interim  Assessment

The second interim assessment window for OH schools, November 14-23, is open now. Schools are expected to finish administering the test before Thanksgiving.  

Upcoming Student Events    

Don't let these fun and challenging opportunities pass you or your students by!
Math Counts Registration Date: December 16, 2011.


AMC 10/12 Registration - December 17, 2011


  CONSEF Design Contest Deadline: December 17, 2011


Genius Olympiad Application Deadline: February 1- March 26, 2012


ISWEEP 3E Middle School Registration Due: February 24, 2012


Math League Registration Dates

6-8th Grade January 31, 2012


Algebra Course 1

February 28, 2012


CONSEF Registration Deadline: February 23, 2012 (Event date March 3, 2012) CONSEF on web  


CS Spelling Bee - Friday, February 17, 2012

4-5th Grade February 28, 2012


ISWEEP Application Deadline: March 2, 2012 (Event Date May 2-7, 2012) ISWEEP on web


CS Math Olympics Registration Deadline: March 2, 2012.


CS Writing Contest - 4:00 pm (CST) March 16, 2012


CS Spoken Word - Friday, March 30, 2012


Indiana's First Lady Helps Boost Reading at IMSA- West


Indiana's First Lady, Cheri Daniels, visited Indiana Math and 

Science Academy West on November 7. She helped 24 students 

in  Laura Nelson's kindergarten class move one step closer to their 

goal of reading 5,000 books in 100 school days.  

  Mrs. Daniels reading


During International Education Week, November 14-21, Concept's schools celebrated this year's theme: inspiring students locally to succeed globally. 

         IEW girls  

HSA Cleveland High School celebrated with projects based on the history, fashion, food and tourism of various cultures.  Students also attended Cleveland State University's International Day where they realized the joys of different cultures co-existing. 

IEW table


Denison Middle School Places First in Robot Designing and Programming Competition


HSA Denison Middle School students won first place at the Indiana Regional Robotics Competition on November 19.  They also placed fourth in robot performance.



2011 Robotics Team Name: RoboMinds, Coach: Mr. Akgul

Members: Ashley Hawkins, Dylan Arnold, Joshua Kisil, Levite Pierre, Yoly Rodriguez.

Lightning Strikes at HSA Cincinnati


          Cosi girls    

COSI (Center of Science and Industry) brought its traveling  program, Current Conditions, to Horizon Science Academy  Cincinnati on November 3, 2011. This innovative, interactive  program stimulated the imaginations of the next  generation of meteorologists. 


Check it out on Chanel 9 News here.


Quest's Speech Team Receives #1 Rating


Congratulations to  the new Quest Speech Team. They participated in the IHSA-sponsored competition at Hollis Grade School on November 4th.
After many hours of practice, memorizing,  and rehearsing, the students in the Group  Play received a #1  rating. 
      speech team 


Government Students Bring  Political  Knowledge to Cincinnati Community


Students at HSA Cincinnati prepared for a mock election and candidate forum by preparing questions for the candidates running for City Council.
Teacher James Anderson, director Mustafa Icel, and two students were featured on Fox 19 News as the students discussed teen issues in today's society.
                                                                                                                city council


Ivy League Program Students Attend Science Camp


Students in the Ivy League Program from Peoria, Indianapolis, 

Detroit, St. Louis, and Chicago Concept Schools attended a 

Science Fair Camp sponsored by Concept Schools on Friday 

Nov. 11 through Saturday Nov. 12 in Chicago, Illinois. 


S tudents visited Fermi Lab, participated in hands-on activities, toured the facilities, and met with a scientist before visiting the Museum of Science and Industry and Navy Pier. Chicago Math and Science Academy welcomed the students at their

exciting science fair program. 



Best Practices in Action



Venn Diagram 



best practice 

Emily Scott, a fifth grade teacher at Quest Charter Academy, uses paper plates in a unique and clever way by turning them into Venn Diagrams (see photo above). 


Hamit Yilmaz, teacher at Horizon Science Academy Lorain, does a wonderful job organizing the homework assignment folder in a presentable way for his students (right). 


Please send us pictures and descriptions of best practices from your classroom or school. 


Send pictures and information to Ali  Uslu at