The Square Root of 64 Is . . . You Tell Us!

It's more than just a test, it's an opportunity for great minds to come together and compete through the art of numbers.  


MathCON is an annual math test for 5 through 12 grade students from all types of schools throughout the nation.

The first part of the competition will take place online, allowing students from any school to participate. The online testing will take place in February of 2015. From there the top 700 students will travel to Chicago to take the final test.


This final event will be held at the UIC Forum on April 25, 2015. It will be a full-day event including a test, games, a guest speaker and awards for the MathCON Champions.  

Register for this event now at and don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Busy Bees Are Preparing for 2014 Concept Schools' Spelling Bee

The annual Concept Schools' Spelling Bee  

is fast approaching.  

Our schools are busy holding their local bees, and on December 6,  

2014 winners from  

each school in the  

Concept network will  

visit Chicago to  

compete in the "Bee Brilliant" Competition  

at Student Center  

East at the University  

of Illinois at Chicago.


"Bee" sure to visit english.conceptschools. 

org for resources to give your students an edge in the competition!

First Grade teacher Shannon Greif and her students at Horizon Science Academy Lorain organized a Socktober event in their school!  

Kid President (Youtube star) highlighted this initiative as a way to collect socks (and other supplies and money) for local homeless shelters during the month of October.  

Socktober was a huge hit at HSA Lorain. Students participated in Wacky-Sock Wednesday where they brought in a donation of socks or $1 in order to participate. HSA students raised over 1,383 pairs of socks as well as gently used cloths, toys, books and over $100!

These items will be donated to the location Haven Center Homeless Shelter in Lorain, Ohio. Students learned that even though they are small, children can make a big difference in the world.  

Concept Schools is very proud of all of the students at Horizon Science Academy Lorain!
IMSA Senior Earns $56,000 Scholarship
Tylar Dickmeyer, a senior at Indiana Math and Science Academy North, has been accepted to the Valparaiso University with an honors scholarship of $56,000. IMSA North has its first graduating class this year.

We congratulate Tyler on his achievement, and the parents and the IMSA North staff.
Proud to Be a CMSA Student

CMSA, Engineering students demonstrated their Introduction to Engineering Design project representing PLTW at the Smartforce Student Summit during the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at Chicago's McCormick Place .
 PLTW CEO, Vince Bertram, met with our students at CMSA booth and thanked them for attending student summit. 
IMTS is the nation's largest celebration of manufacturing technology and draws more than 1,900 exhibitors and 100,000 attendees. PLTW's exhibit at the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS aims to demonstrate to the more than 9,000 students and educators in attendance the amazing things PLTW students are doing in the classroom.  

Our Schools Really Know How to Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Fun parties, Hispanic-inspired food, class projects, and special guests were all part of the National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations across the Concept network. This annual celebration, from September 15-October 15, recognizes the many contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.  


Below are some of the schools' highlights:

  • Indiana Math and Science Academy South: Mrs. Gojko's Spanish class had a salsa and chips party for Mexican Independence day.
  • Michigan Math and Science Academy: Miss Hart introduced her Spanish class to Aztec Calendar Glyphs and a colorful cloth she bought in Teotihuacan this summer. The students had their photo taken with the calendar if they brought a camera. They also had Mexican rice pudding for Mexican Independence Day.
  • Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School: Mrs. Velez's Spanish class celebrated the month with a special breakfast on October 9 at school.
  • Horizon Science Academy Toledo High School: Mrs. Diaz and Mrs. Silva organized a variety of activities to honor and celebrate Hispanic heritage, including a special event on Monday, October 13 at school, featuring Hispanic leaders from the area's Hispanic community.
  • Horizon Science Academy Lorain: The schools celebrated Hispanic Heritage Night on Wednesday, October 15 in the cafeteria. Spanish teacher Mrs. Oramas created a "famous Hispanics" board at the school, assigned each person a number, and had the students guess the names to win a prize.
It was fun-filled month and great learning experience for all of our students, many of whom come from a variety of Hispanic cultures, and many of whom participate in the Spanish language program.

Special Education Students Flourishing in Diverse Learning Environments

Concept Schools offers Special Education programs in compliance with the
"Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act",  according to each student's "least restrictive environment" with a continuum of services that support students through individualized education plans. Photographed here, is a self-contained cross categorical special education program from Horizon Science Academy-Belmont in Chicago, whose teacher is Ms. Bridget Clymore and whose classroom assistant is Mrs. Sajad.


The students in grades 2nd through 5th have been working on a Science Unit about Severe Weather. On this day, the students learned about how funnel clouds are created through a simulation about weather conditions. The students are integrating a variety of factors, such as documenting weather patterns that are associated within the region where they live, how to understand severe thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes, and how to also prepare for each. The students are also proudly demonstrating literacy, writing, problem solving and mathematical reasoning all at once, as they connect to Science standards.


Concept Schools continue to be proud of the creative and enthusiastic programs, such as this program at HSA-Belmont, where students can flourish in diverse learning environments!

Reporter Alissa Henry at HSA Middle School!

Lifestyle Reporter Alissa Henry from FOX 28 visited Horizon Science Academy's Middle School and had the opportunity to see students' science experiments, hovercrafts, robots, jump roping and more!

All congratulations go to HSA Columbus Middle School Science and Technology teachers as well as to STEM students.

Watch the Video!