1st Place Robotics Win!
Quest Charter Academy's Quest Gators took home 1st  place in the Indiana State Robotics Championships on Saturday, March 15. The Peoria, Illinois team was also honored with the Winning Alliance Team trophy and medals. The Gators competed against 24 teams from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Concept Schools President and CEO, Mr. Duman, traveled to Indiana to congratulate the team.

Words on Fire

The annual Concept Schools' Spoken  Word competition is coming up May 3, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio at the Museum of Art. This event is open to all 

8-12th  grade students in our Concept Schools' network. 


The 4 performance categories are:

  • Free -Form Spoken Word
  • Recited Spoken Word 
  • Persuasive Speech
  • Team Competition

This year's focus is on words that ignite our passions and how words throughout history have been set on fire by visionaries who have attempted to engage us in conversations about justice. 


These speech prompts provide great opportunities for cross-curricular learning among English and History classes.


More information about the contest is online

It's National Pi Day!

Quest Charter Academy Middle School Math Department celebrated National  Pi day on March 14 with fun and engaging activities for students.

Pi is the  ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159. 


In each class, the student who memorized the most digits of Pi won a pie! 


8th grader Noah Parker shocked his teachers and peers when he recited 200 digits!


The students spent the rest of the day creating Pi chains, solving Pi puzzles, and measuring circles to "discover" Pi. 

College-Ready Kids
Concept Schools is proud to announce that 8 high schools in our network have reached a total of $17M merit- based scholarship as of this month. This great achievement reflects our college-prep high schools' strong focus on college preparation and readiness. We congratulate our students, teachers, and parents for contributing to this huge success.  

Celebrating Culture

Pre-eliminations of Turquoise Art & Language Contest were held in Chicago, Dayton, and Lorain on three separate days. Contestants from the

Turkish and Spanish Language departments showed off their best performances in three categories: Singing, folk dances, and poetry.


The qualifiers were announced on March 14, and the big final will follow on  April 12 at the Rosemont Theater.


The final event is open to the public and is free of charge.

A Successful First! STEM Conference 2014

The first annual STEM Conference was a resounding success! The conference, held at the Cleveland Convention Center, began with a Welcoming Dinner and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, March 20, with a very special keynote speaker, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. The following individuals received awards:

  • STEM Media Award: Kenny Crumpton, Fox News, Cleveland
  • STEM Science Award: Dr. Bette Bonder, Cleveland State University
  • STEM Innovation Award: Dr. Josh Bongard, University of Vermont
  • Public Service Award: Jon Husted, OH Secretary of State
  • Dr. Luis Proenza, President of Akron University

The full-day conference on Friday, March 21 included 2 panel discussions followed by 9 breakout sessions, with topics ranging from social media in the classroom to the importance of literacy skills in science. Esteemed keynote speakers included:

  • James Free, Director, John H. Glenn Research Center (NASA)
  • Bill Badders, President, National Science Teachers Association
  • Dr. Linda Gojak, President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Science Takes Centerstage at 11 th Annual CONSEF

Over 800 students from six Midwest states showcased their impressive, independently created projects and demonstrations at the 11 th Annual Concept Schools Science & Engineering Fair on Saturday, March 22 at the Cleveland Convention Center.


This year, CONSEF featured the STEM Expo, Math Expo, ROBOCON competition, and Design Contest. The Project Session, with a junior division for grades 5-8 and senior division for grades 9-12, had 14 categories, ranging from health science, physics, and zoology, to engineering, biochemistry, and computer science.

270 judges from schools, including higher education, assessed student projects based on a comprehensive rubric. All participants were winners. 

Check out http://www.consef.org/  for best projects and schools!

March Is Women's History Month

"History is no longer just a chronicle of kings and statesmen, of people who wielded power, but of ordinary women and men engaged in manifold tasks. Women's history is an assertion that women have a history." Aparna Basu- Professor of History at the University of Delhi, India 


In 1987 after being petitioned by the National Women's History Project, Congress designated "Women's History Month." Since 1995, Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama have issued a series of annual proclamations designating the month of March as "Women's History Month."  


Women's history needs to be highlighted to show the important role women have had in shaping this modern world.  This month gives our students stories of women to look up to who have made a change and who have demonstrated bravery, intelligence, and strength under prejudice and injustice. These women are models for what all young women in our classrooms can become: heroes. 

Congratulations, Cadets!

The Horizon Science Academy Army JROTC Drill and Color Guard Teams competed against five Navy and Marine JROTC units during the Akron Garfield High School Invitational Drill Competition on March 22. Seventeen Cadets represented the HSA Army JROTC program and brought back a trophy in every team competition in which they competed.  


Led by Cadet Major Joseph Howard, the Armed Squad took 1st place demonstrating outstanding precision and synchronization while marching with drill rifles. Cadet Command Sergeant Major Anthony Mejias led the Color Guard to an impressive 2nd place finish, and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Michael Huff led the Unarmed Squad to a 3rd place finish. HSA Army JROTC tied for 2nd place overall.


Countless hours of training and preparation paid off for the teams as they had to learn drill and ceremony in accordance with naval regulations in order to compete.  


Congratulations to all of the cadets!

Empowering Students through Engaged Learning

In "engaged learning" students actively participate in their learning and are involved from day one in the decision making for their course of study. Students vigorously research, discuss, create projects, and use technology to make discoveries based on their choices. Teachers serve as a coach or facilitator, guiding students to the desired goal.


Concept teachers foster engaged learning with dedication and passion, through approaches that are aligned to individual education plans through our Special Education programs.


Engaged learning develops the skills necessary to collaborate and work well with others and focuses on tasks that are challenging, authentic, and multidisciplinary.

Instructional strategies for engaged learning include:

  • Individual and group summarizing
  • Exploring multiple perspectives
  • Building upon prior knowledge
  • Socratic dialogue
  • Problem solving
  • Team building


We are proud of the learning communities our caring teachers are creating at Concept schools!