Remembering Nelson Mandela
With the passing of a South African hero, Nelson Mandela, educators are honoring and teaching their students about his extraordinary life. It is often one of the most interesting times to be a history teacher when history is made, and a truly teachable moment occurs. Mandela's life and the mark he left on our world are not without controversy and can spark memorable discussions in the classroom. 
Refer to the links below for ideas to teach about Nelson Mandela and apartheid .



Students made slime and fake snow at the official kickoff for the IMSA Allies Program at CMSA. Program sponsors JP Morgan Chase representatives Amy S. Brennan and Charlie Corrigan as well as various officials from Illinois Math & Science Academy were present to cheer on students.

IMSA ALLIES is a youth development service learning program that prepares high school students to deliver inquiry-based, hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics activities (STEM) to their communities. CMSA became the second school in Chicago to participate in this program, which Chase made possible.
Concept's Senior Accepted to University of Chicago!
We are proud to announce that our senior student, Priscilla Daboni, from HSA Columbus High School, has been accepted to the University of Chicago, where she will be studying Medicine. She received a full ride scholarship, $45,000 a year, from the University, which is ranked 5 th  in the nation. Priscilla worked diligently since her freshmen year and her efforts have now paid off. We wish her a good and successful college experience. 
2014 First Lego League Success


The 2013-14 First Lego League season has begun with successful news!


IMSA North Robotics team, Robo-Shark, participated in the First Lego League Qualifying Tournament held in Columbus, IN at Purdue College of Technology on November 23, 2013. The students proudly represented their schools and did a great job. The teams showcased their knowledge and skills admirably along with 32 other teams. They won 2nd place "Gracious Professionalism" award in the Core Values & Project Category. 


HSA Dayton Elementary Robotics team, HSA HAWKS, received the "Mechanical Design Award" among 22 teams. 


HSA Lorain Robotics team, RoboCyclones, participated in FLL Regional Competition at LCCC on December 7. They received the "Inspiration Award" as well as the "Judge's Special Award." 


Noble Academy Columbus Robotic team received the "Programming Award."

Tech Day at ISU
Thirty-two students from the  Gateway to Technology  and  Project Lead the Way  classes attended the annual Tech Day at the Illinois State University Campus sponsored by the  Technology Student Association  (TSA).  Students competed in small groups to solve a variety of problems using materials that were provided.

Sophomores Daniel and Nathaniel from Quest Charter Academy received 2
nd  place for Structural Engineering, while Jennifer and Kyia from the GTT Program received 3 rd  place in Invention Innovation. Over 400 students from Illinois participated in the competitions. Quest students had lunch on campus and had the opportunity to tour the campus.
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And the Winners Are!

 Amya Washington, HSA Belmont, 1st Place
On December 7 th  Concept Schools held its 6th  Annual Spelling Bee in Chicago at the Student Center of the University of Illinois.  Students from throughout the Concept network gathered to compete against each other in a positive and inspirational competition.  

Winners of the 3rd-5th Grade Spelling Bee

1st - Amya Washington, HSA Belmont (5th grader)

2nd - Gio-Michael Bagtas, MMSA Michigan (4th grader)

3rd - Kyler Neal, IMSA West Indianapolis (4th grader) 

Overall Best School 3-5th, IMSA West Indianapolis


Winners of the 6th-8th Grade Spelling Bee

1st - Leah Walters, IMSA North (7th grader)

2nd - Olabisis KuKu, CMSA Chicago (6th grader)

3rd - Octavia Allen, HSA Lorain (8th grader)

Overall Best School 6th-8th, IMSA North Indianapolis


Congratulations to the winners and all our schools, teachers, and students for their hard work!

MMSA Students Conduct Acid Rain Experiment 
Biology students at Michigan Math & Science Academy had the opportunity to measure the acidity level of rain water. This lab activity requires working with acids and some advanced Vernier probes. All their findings have been transferred to computers where data were interpreted into graphs. These sensors are used in several subject areas allowing students to share resources and maximize the use of technology .
Michigan Math and Science Academy Acid Rain Experiment Biology Class
Biology Students at MMSA 
New & Improved Science Website!


Concept Schools'  science website  has been renewed and is now more us eful and attractive. Here are some beneficial features:


For resources:

For the iPad science applications:

For sample video lessons:

Math Magicians Are Coming to Cleveland 
As technology begins to play a vital part in virtually every aspect of our society, math is becoming indispensable. We may not realize this, but mathematics plays a direct and fundamental role in our lives. Many disciplines such as computers, telecommunications and electronics, science, and economics have always depended on mathematics.

On March 20-22, 2014, Concept Schools is organizing the annual STEMCON in Cleveland, OH, at the Cleveland Convention Center. In addition to science demonstrations, this year's CS Stem Exposition will be expanded in order to include  math demonstrations and showcase the studies of our talented students. The purpose of these math demonstrations is to apply the knowledge and understanding of mathematics to conduct in-depth, "real-world" investigations. The CS Stem Expo will be open to all students, parents, and community members.
 Differentiated Instruction Model

Students come to our classrooms with unique differences; they have varied degrees of background knowledge and readiness to learn, different life experiences, cultural orientations, languages, interests, and preferences for how they learn best; Therefore, the differentiated instruction model becomes very useful. At Concept Schools, we are proud our Special Education Teachers use this technique to make learning a better experience for students.  


Differentiated instruction is both a philosophy and a way of teaching that respects the different learning needs of students. Learning activities may be differentiated on the basis of students' readiness for learning the specific content or skill, their interests, or their preferred ways of learning. In a differentiated classroom, students experience learning in many configurations: working in small groups (with peers having similar or different readiness, interests, or learning preferences), with a partner, individually, and as a whole group.


The  Differentiated Instruction Model is based on effective educational principles and is framed around several key elements: High-Quality Curriculum ; Continual Assessment ; Respectful Tasks ; Building Community; Flexible Grouping;  and Teaching up. 


To learn more about Differentiation,  please visit our Special Education Teacher Resources web page .  
See Differentiated Central