Ivy League Acceptance


Gabrial Angrard, a senior at Horizon Science Academy Columbus High, has been accepted to the university of Pennsylvania, one of the Ivy League Universities. We would like to congratulate Gabriel for his extraordinary success. The total amount of merit-based scholarship of the class of 2013 has reached $16,000,000 with almost a 90% four year college acceptance rate. 
This is another amazing year in terms of college admission for all of the high schools in Concept's network. We are happy to serve our communities by fulfilling our college-prep mission.  
Exclusive Engineering Apprenticeship 



Gabrielle Blackshire of HSA Cleveland High School was selected into the Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP)  to do real, hands-on science and engineering research in university research labs during this summer. Nationwide, only about 120 students are selected into this program.


The REAP apprentice is matched with a mentor who operates a laboratory within the area. The apprentice works under the guidance of their mentor on a research project for the 5-8 week duration of the program and receives a stipend of $1,300 for participation. 

Spanish Spelling Bee Results



The competition was fierce at the Concept Schools Spanish Spelling Bee at Indiana University Kokomo on April 13, 2013. The competitors previously won competitions at their schools and included eight elementary school students, 18 middle schoolers and nine high school students. 


Competitors met many new friends from different cities and states and enjoyed the exciting, cultural experience. Please see the below results:


Elementary School 

1st place: Arielle Robinson - Noble Academy Cleveland
2nd place: Kirsten Wysocki- HSA Lorain

Middle School
1st place: Gabriel Clemmons- Noble Academy Cleveland
2nd place: Martha Cibasu - HSA Columbus Middle

High School
1st place: Christopher Zehnder- HSA Cleveland High
2nd place: Alanda Nuņez -  Chicago Math and Science Academy  

Next Generation Science Standards Released
NSTA welcomes new science education standards that provide a cohesive approach to K-12 science instruction. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) establish learning expectations for students that integrate three important dimensions-science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts-effectively building science concepts from kindergarten through 12th grade while integrating important concepts of engineering.  The NGSS are based on the NRC Framework for K-12 Science Education26 states led the development of Next Generation Science Standards through a broad collaborative process including many teachers and stakeholders. NSTA was a partner in the standards development process.
Concept's Worldwide Educational Conference
Concept Schools is excited to present an incredible worldwide conference, the Chicago International Conference on Education held on June 3-4, 2013.  Do not miss registration to be a part of this culturally stimulating event. The Chicago ICE will bring together academics and other professionals on a wide array of topics and perspectives to increase student success. 

Concept Schools on the Web 





Student Spellers Shine at Spelling Bee Finals


Spelling is essential to building a strong foundation for educational life and success after school, and nobody knows that better than students in Concept's network.  Students across seven Midwest states practiced for months to prepare for the Concept Schools Spelling Bee Finals.  After spelling their way to the top in their individual school bees, over 200 students qualified and made it to Chicago for the finals on March 22, 2013 at Northwestern University. There was an overwhelming amount of excellent spellers, and the competition really heated up during the final rounds where the audience anxiously awaited the final winners. Click here for a list of the winners.

MathCon 2013 Results


300 students from 26 Midwest schools made it to the MathCon finals in Chicago on April 20, 2013.  Competitors in grades 5-8th and high school had 70 minutes to complete 50 challenging math problems.  Throughout the day, students, teachers, and parents enjoyed the incorporation Twitter to communicate their excitement, experiences, and pictures  at the event.  Those who followed @ConceptMath1 received live updates, and the top follower received a gift card.  Follow us @ConceptMath1 for more updates and to stay connected in our math community.


Please click here to see a list of the top 30 students in each grade and the top 10 schools in elementary, middle, and high school. These students are extremely accomplished in their math skills, since they outscored more than 500 students in their grade level to qualify for the finals. 

MMSA Teacher Brings the Arts to Life


Milwaukee Math and Science Academy's music teacher, Kristin Collom, excels in and outside the classroom. Kristin co-founded the East Side Chamber Players organization that is collaborating on a project with MMSA.  In this project, ESCP is commissioning composers to bring to life poetry written by MMSA elementary students, allowing students and the community the opportunity to hear the creative thoughts of these remarkable young people through original musical compositions. The students will also create artwork that corresponds with their poetry, further engaging their self-expression and artistic talent. Click here to view ESCP's video.

Intercultural Art and Language Contest 

Participants from Concept Schools showed their talents in singing, poetry and folk dances at the Intercultural Art and Language Contest held in Chicago on March 24, 2013 at the Rosemont Akoo Theater. The contest, open to schools in the Midwest outside Concept's network, was rich and colorful with participants from various cultures. Joselin Ramirez from IMSA West (above) was the winner of the singing category with the Turkish song, Gurbet. Yoly Rodriquez- Lattore from HSA Cleveland High School won the Spanish poetry category, and Christiana Elliot from the same school was the runner up. Yassmin Salih from HSA Columbus High School won 2nd place in the Turkish Poetry in the non natives category, and Zeynab Pashayeva from HSA Dayton Downtown won 2nd place in the Turkish poetry for natives category. 
Best Practices

Jesse Szatkowski of Michigan Math and Science Academy, developed an interactive experience for students to understand the basics of economics. Through good behavior students earn fake money and can purchase items from the Szatkowski Store. Szatkowski wants to embed the rewards of good morals and ethics while teaching. Students love the "On Track Party," which is a privileged period at the end of the week for hard working students.


HSA Toledo's Math Department held various activities to celebrate Pi Day on March 14. Mr. Ballinger posted a pi problem each day during pi week, and the winning students received Pizza Pi as their reward. Mr. Glover recited pi to 51 decimal places...from memory! Mrs. Dowd and Ms. Miller's class had students measure pi using the circumference and diameter of circle-shaped treats (cookies, pies, cheesecake, etc).

Send pictures and descriptions of best practices from your class to Ali Uslu at auslu@conceptschools.org by the 11th of each month to be considered.