HSA Lorain Student Makes the Big Screen

Brandon P., fourth grader at HSA Lorain, was recently cast in the movie "Won't Back Down" starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, a mom trying to advocate for a better education for her economically disadvantaged kids. Brandon plays the character of a "bad student." Brandon and his family found this casting call on a website, went for auditions, interviewed for the role and got the part! His favorite part about the whole experience was getting to meet the famous actors and hang out with them. 
2nd Place Win for IMSA's Lego Team

IMSA's Lego Team won 2nd place out of 24 teams in the Best Robot Programming category. It wasn't only the team's outstanding programming skills that won them high scores though; core values and teamwork were crucial to their win.  The winning team advises to any future participants to practice your mission before the competition to earn more points.
CSSIS Updates
There are many updates and exciting features on their way for the CSSIS database. The two main enhancements are in the testing and grade book modules.  Here are some of the high-lights:
Testing  Module:
- academic level distribution report
- individual test reports
- detailed math test score feature allows students to view errors and video of how to correctly solve the question
Grade Book Module:
- brand new look with organized tabs
- possibility to create student and class assignments
- teachers may enter class rules, tutoring hours, and the syllabus under the settings tab
Click here for a more detailed view of the updates.  Please help us improve the system by sending your feedback.
HSA Denison Receives Grant 2 Years in a Row

For the second year in a row, HSA Denison Middle School received a grant from The Gelfand Foundation, which gives grant money to urban schools in order to increase student participation in and raise the quality of science fairs.  The school was awarded $1000 due to the amount of growth in student participation.  This growth could not have been accomplished without the hard work of the science teachers as well as the generosity of the Gelfand Family Foundation and Case Western Reserve University.


What's Inside the Computer?
Mr. Aras, the computer teacher at HSA Columbus High, added these two display computers to the computer lab for students to see the inner workings of a computer in action.
Happy Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving, we take time to reflect on the things we are thankful for.  At Concept Schools, we thank you for truly caring about your students' achievement and the extraordinary efforts you put forth every day.

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Concept's Conference: A Great Success
Concept Schools is happy to report that our 3rd Annual Conference was a great success.  Ron Adler, the President of the Ohio Coalition of Quality Education described his experience at the conference: "I have been very impressed with this conference.  Concept Schools is setting the benchmark and gold standards for other organizations."  Dean of Students at Horizon Science Academy Lorain, Jayson Bendik, won the Outstanding Achievement Award and commented that "the overall conference was fantastic, very well run.  The one speaker who resonated with me was Manny Scott- that was actually the best speech I've ever heard." Everyone enjoyed listening to the three distinguished speakers who truly inspired us with their experience and personal stories. Thank you to all teachers and staff for your phenomenal presentations and participation. 
IMSA West Students Advance Science Research at Marian University
IMSA West has started a partnership with Marian University for CIRCEF (Central Indiana regional science and Engineering Fair) and CONSEF.  The University professors are coaching 9 high school students to develop their projects. The students will be able to use the science lab at the campus and get professional help from professors. 10 more middle school students will be participating with the high school students next week. The students will be presenting their projects in the Indiana state science fair and CONSEF.
Math Olympics Team Soars to New Heights
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Elementary Math Olympics team members soared to new heights as they boarded a Cessna 172 and were lifted into the air. Mr. Tad Frei, a Cessna aviator and HSADE teacher Mr. Oz rewarded the Math Olympics team for their hard work throughout the year by allowing them to experience flight. The students were briefed on Dayton's aviation history prior to taking flight, which allowed them to make summations and parallels based upon their personal experiences. Several of the students had never boarded a plane, so the adventure was exhilarating.  
Noble Students Rap Their Way to Literary Success

Amanda Lucero's 7th graders of Noble Academy Columbus recently created and recorded raps based on the memoir A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.  The students had two days to prepare lyrics to fit a beat and, luckily, with the help of her husband and his professional studio equipment, recorded their raps on the third day. "The students were so engaged," said Ms. Lucero, "because you don't usually get to rap in school."  Instead of doing a traditional exam, students engaged in a project-based assessment. "Not only did students include metaphors and imagery in their raps," said Ms. Lucero, "I was able to infer from their lyrics the main themes of the memoir."  If you would like to listen to their raps go to http://www.nobletag.tumblr.com. 

Two Horizon Students Are "Outstanding Participants"

HSA Seniors Jonathan Clinton and Michael Starling are among 3,100 "Outstanding Participants" in the National Achievement Scholarship Program who are being referred to U.S. colleges and universities. Jonathan and Michael scored in the top three percent of more than 160,000 Black American high school students who had requested consideration in the 2013 National Achievement Program when they took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).
Best Practices

Teachers at HSA Springfield use multiple intelligences and topical events this autumn. First through third graders celebrated national food day by reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. After reading, students enjoyed eating meatballs while watching the movie, then learned about healthy and unhealthy foods. Since national food day was so close to Halloween, this year first graders also participated in some experiments with pumpkins. In class students estimated and counted pumpkin seeds. They learned the sequence of steps a pumpkin grows in.  



Zehra Durhan's Turkish classes at GSA love her vocabulary stick activity. First, she labels cups as Isim (noun), Fill (verb), and Sifat (adjective). Then she holds popcicle sticks consisting of verbs, adjectives, and nouns concealed in her hands.  The kids come and pick one and have to place it in the right cup according to the labels. At a higher level, students then use the word in a sentence.
Please send us pictures and descriptions of best practices from your classroom or school to Ali  Uslu at auslu@conceptschools.org by the 11th of each month to be considered for the next newsletter.