HSA Cleveland Seniors Go Out With a Bang!


fox news 

Fox News visits HSA Cleveland where seniors conducted a symbolic experiment that had everyone covering their heads- check it out here.


Science Students Shine- Internationally & Locally


starkWilliam Stark, 9th grader at HSA Cleveland, won a bronze medal and $200 at ISWEEEP among 500 students all over the world for his project on  Qualitative GMO Screening of Agricultural Products for the Environmental Sustainability.  

 science fair


1000 students participated in the Ohio State Science Fair, making the competition fierce. Congratulations to the following Noble Academy Columbus student winners in the junior division.  


Helen PrescodTotal Aflatoxin in Grains and Nuts- Gold

Jihad DaughertyVit. C in Orange's Shell- Gold

Tyson Whittenburg- 

Minerals in Herbal Tea-Silver

Kylee JonesSaving The Victims of Oil Spill- Quest- Silver


Quest Students Earn High Scores at Science Fair




More than 1,100 Illinois students participated in the Illinois Science Fair on May 4-5 at the University of Illinois.  Savana Campbell earned a silver medal in the Health Science category for her project "Egg Beaters vs. Eggs," and Nathaniel Zietlow earned a gold medal and Best in Show in the mathematics category for his project "Password Piracy." The project also earned him the Army Award for Science Excellence at the regional science fair in Macomb last month.


Senator Smith Honors HSA Cleveland Chess Winner


 Senator Smith


Senator Smith and Representative Patmon honor HSA Cleveland chess tournament winner. The correlation between math skills and chess is well-documented. Last March, HSA Cleveland's Jonathan Clinton won first place out of 700 students with a perfect score at the Queen City Chess Tournament. Please click here for more information.


HSA Dayton's Engineering Competition


Mr. Storrick and Mrs. Sharp from HSA Dayton High School have been doing a cross curriculum plan involving Aerodynamics, testing and engineering.  On May 4, they held round 1 of an engineering competition.  The students were in groups of three and tested their paper airplane design in three competitions. The
first competition was for aesthetics, the second for distance and the third for accuracy. 10th graders loved the competition because they had the freedom to build any paper airplane they wished while testing it for the needed capabilities.   




Atlas: Teacher Evaluation Forum


Within Atlas, there's a new Teacher Evaluation forum page to address aspects of Concept Schools' teacher evaluation rubric. A post has been started for each of the nearly 70 rubric items. Through these posts, we are encouraging the sharing of best practices, examples, tips, tricks, and suggestions for exemplary achievement in each rubric area. Share and show what makes our Concept teachers so good at what they do!   


Speech and Spoken Word

The Concept Schools Speech and Spoken Word Competition, held on April 27th in Toledo, Ohio, featured more than 70 high school students. Centered around the theme of the power of words, students performed a range of material, from poetry and song to well-rehearsed speeches about the need for fairness in political elections. We were duly impressed by the level of quality and apparent preparation that went into the performances. Guest performer, the rapper Blueprint, also spoke to he students about the need to seek out and find the emotion in their performances. Please click here for a list of winning students.

     spoken word

Concept's Math Olympics- A Great Success!

Over 240 students came out for the 5th Concept Schools Math Olympics on April 28 in Chicago. Thank you all students and teachers for your hard work that made this event such a success. The competition consisted of a 70 minute test session. The test problems are challenging and require ingenuity and insight, but little technical knowledge beyond grade level mathematics.  Click here for  the distribution of awards. 


Jack Rominger (IMSA West) and CS President Sedat Duman


Concept Schools' Writing Contest Results


writing contest
Gregory Fletcher (HSA Dayton)

Concept Schools is proud to announce the winners of our 5th Annual Writing Contest and Twitter Contest.  Thank you to all participants for sharing your thoughtful messages; we truly value the time, effort and creativity you put into each entry. 

The judges had a difficult time choosing only three winners in each category since all of the entries were excellent. Congratulations to the following students who received a trophy and other awards. 



Concept's Regional Art Fair Best in Show Results

Concept Schools' West Regional Art Show held  in Chicago ran from April 14-28. Over 130 pieces of amazing art from the West Region schools were represented at the fair, showcasing the best work from K-12. Each student received a ribbon for participation and additional ribbons and gift cards were awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Best of Show.


You can visit artwork from the North Regional Art Show at the Fine Arts Association in Willoughby, OH until May 24. Please click here for a list of winners.


 art     art


Spanish Spelling Bee

The Concept Schools Spanish Spelling Bee final was held in Chicago on May 4, 2012. The judges included: Mr. J. R. Pico, Spanish professor at the University of Indiana Kokomo and Ms. Elisa Perez, Queen of Mexican Civil Society. The students who qualified in their regional finals, nine elementary, middle and high school contestants came to Chicago to compete in the big final. Please see the winning students in each division below by clicking here.

    spanish bee

Musical Medalists from CMSA

Concert Band students represented CMSA at the Annual Chicago All-City Solo and Ensemble Festival Competition. Students competed against hundreds of Chicago Public School students from various schools around the city. Their dedication and hard work are evident, as they all received medals.  Gold medalist (Anthony Lazcano, Hernan Razo, Alexandra Alvarez, Saleem Khan, Damilola Oyedokun, Matilda Patterson, Marisol Palma, Winifred Obanor, Jessica Clarke, Lishan Rahman, Matthew McCray, Kimberly Medina, Kevin Carrillo and Ursula Enem) Silver Medalist (Cesar Ayala, Michael Victoria, Teliane Bakala and Christopher Davis).



CSSIS Updates

We have exciting news about our very own student information system, CSSIS. We have updated the old dashboard into a more dynamic and flexible one through widgets.  Widgets will help users to arrange small piece of data in the way  they want by expanding, collapsing, closing and changing their locations. 

Another major addition is the "view student" tool tip. Users may search for a student and use the tool tip to find out more about the student. Tool tip is also available in period attendance and my grade book pages for teachers.

Student portfolio and staff employment docs are also a part of the system. Students may upload files in their portfolio or staff members may upload their own documents for administration approval. The staff side of employment documents will be activated with the start of the new academic year. 

Preliminary OH Graduation Test Results

We have received preliminary results of Ohio Graduation Test this weekend. We would like to extend our appreciation to students, administrators and staff members of these schools. Congratulations on ranking Continuous Improvement or above which is our expectation from all of our schools. We look forward to hearing good news from all other schools soon. 


Best Practices in Action 

Lisa Lauro, Resource Room Teacher at Michigan Math and Science Academy shares her "IEP Goals" Bulletin Board. In every folder, there are activities to help students sentence structure, comprehension, note-taking, and basic math facts.  This board ensures that students are working on their IEP Goals & Objectives when they are busy keeping up with other classwork.


iep board 


Caroline Clarke's sixth graders from Columbus Middle School  have been preparing for the O.A.A.'s.  While learning about author's tone and its effects, they reviewed how having a positive attitude going into a challenge can make a difference. At an O.A.A. club meeting, students made headbands and call themselves O.A.A. Ninjas.  As ninjas are masters of their art, we are masters of our art:  Language Arts.  The excitement spread and a few of my students created an O.A.A.  parody to Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting" song.


Please send us pictures and descriptions of best practices from your classroom or school to Ali  Uslu at