HSA Cincinnati Teacher Earns $3,000 for PE Equipment  



PE teacher Sean Emmett from HSA Cincinnati received $3,000 in donations for physical education equipment online  from  Donors ChooseThe PE program at Horizon has grown from a small metal bin of several athletic balls to 4 tumbling mats, 12 scooters, a storage rack, basketballs, a pair of 4-foot hoops, 2 high-impact goals, a hockey set and much more. 


HSA Dayton's Egg Drop Competition



Richard Storrick and Mrs. Sharp of Horizon Dayton facilitated an egg drop competition, the 3rd of 5 competitions that challenged students to explore the world of engineering.  For this challenge, teams designed a device that would protect an egg from a 5,10,15 and 20 foot drop.  The competition gave the students the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to difficult challenges as a team.   


Concept Basketball Finals Results 



Thank you to all of the people who made the basketball tournament possible, from the directors, coaches, players, and parents. Please click here for a list of winners from the event held on May 26 in Broadway Armory Park in Chicago.  


Horizon Schools Rock the OGT


Several Horizon schools made the TOP TEN list of Highest Performing Charters on the 2012 OGT, according to results from the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools. We are so proud of the teachers, staff, administration and students for this amazing accomplishment.  Click here for a full list of recognized schools.


Well-Deserved Summer


As the Concept team, we appreciate your hard work and dedication the resulted in another successful school year. Enjoy your summer!


 HSA Cleveland Student Wins at International Olympiad


William Stark from HSA Cleveland High School received a bronze medal at the Genius Olympiad, an international high school project competition about environmental issues.  Stark impressed the judges with his project titled "Qualitative GMO Screening of Agricultural Products for the Environmental Sustainability."   As a bronze medal winner, Stark  placed in the top 70-50% of the participants and received an Mp3-movie player.


Another International Success from Noble Columbus

Two students from Noble Columbus received awards at the International Environmental Project Olympiads (INEPO) held in Istanbul, Turkey. Zineb Habroune won the judge's special award for his Environmental Health project titled: Antioxidant level of organic tomatoes vs. pesticide used tomatoes.  We are also proud of Nalan Uysaler, who received an honorable mention for her project on Ochratoxin in coffee, cacao and spices 

HSA Springfield Community Reads its Way to Success

Reading was an ever-present part of the school community at Horizon Science Academy Springfield this school year.  Each morning, all students and staff would participate in F.R.O.G. (Focused Reading Opportunity for Growth), a 20-minute block of reading for pleasure. After a successful first two quarters participating in this program, students and staff decided to add to their challenge by setting a goal for themselves - to read million pages by year's end. As a result of their hard work and continued focus, the Horizon Science Academy Springfield community surpassed this goal, reading 289,568 pages by the last day of school. 




NWEA Comparison Data

Starting this year, Concept Schools is implementing NWEA in all of our schools. We have graphed comparison data of some of our schools that have a nice growth in their data from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012. We wish to see all of our schools showing well above 50% growth in coming years.


Best Practices in Action 


Stephen Rudnicki from HSA Dayton expanded his horizons for the benefit of his Spanish classes by reaching out to a Portuguese company. His Spanish classes make Azulejo tiles every year as a project. This year, Rudnicki got in touch with the owner of a company in Portugal that makes these tiles commercially. The owner donated some tiles to Rudnicki's classroom to help inspire the students. As a thank you, the kids made cards and sent them to him. The cards contained the tiles each class voted on to mass produce. He has put them on his website!



Please send us pictures and descriptions of best practices from your classroom or school to Ali  Uslu at auslu@conceptschools.org.