STEMCON is designed to allow the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to be embraced by educators, leaders, pioneers, and the children they teach. We proudly present the following events:

STEM Conference

Innovators, teachers, and professionals will come together for an awards dinner followed by a full day conference to share their expertise and work experiences. Join us at this critical conference and contribute to the outcomes that will advance your organization in its STEM-related objectives. For more information, visit

Concept Science and Engineering Fair (CONSEF)

For the last 10 years at CONSEF, Concept Schools have been providing different platforms for students to demonstrate their talents and achievements within the STEM fields through projects, design contests, STEM EXPO demonstrations, and Robotics Competitions. All events are open to the public.

Here are several options for your students;

CONSEF – Project Session 

In the project session, no one is competing against any other participant. Participants will be awarded according to their scores given by the judges. For more information, visit



CS Stem Exposition is an event designed to encourage students to showcase their science demonstrations. The Stem Expo is open to all students, parents, and community members to enjoy hands-on activities and explore the excitement and opportunities that science offers.   For more information, visit


The ROBOCON is a robotic sumo contest, in which two autonomous robots attempt to push each other out of a circular arena using mechanisms, cunning, and brute force. For more information, visit


The Design Contest is an art competition. The entries of top ten finalists will be displayed at CONSEF on March 22, 2014. The winning design will be printed on program booklets. For more information, visit