Concept Art Show 2017-2018

Teacher notices, directions and procedures

Greetings art teachers across the Concept Schools buildings!  I’m Jennifer Cooper, and it is my pleasure to again head the Concept Art Show team for the 2017-2018 year with Mr. Uslu and a team of two other great Cleveland area Concept art teachers: Claire Vien and Erin Anderson.

The art show will again be during the CONSEF Science Fair in Cleveland at the Cleveland Convention Center.  Artwork will go up Friday, April 6th and come down Saturday, April 7th after the fair is completed.  NEW this year: we will have judging!  There will be a best in show, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each of the three categories of K-4, 5-8, and 9-12.  ALSO NEW:  to bridge the art and science together in the same venue, we will have STEAM based art/craft project making available during the Saturday event!  Please as you start picking work, think about bringing a group of students to this event as well…field trip!  Artworks will go on to Chicago and hang a second time for the Art and Language Contest in May.  So if that venue is closer for you, consider going to that event to see your artwork up!  After that event, works will be sent back to your schools.  If you or colleagues from your school can pick them up while competing in Chicago and take back to your schools, your works will return to you faster!

We need to make the artwork look as professional and similar as possible.  Two things I am asking additionally for the display of your work are:

  • You will need to mat your artwork yourself using what you have available with these restrictions – please choose BLACK only– it can be glued or rubber cemented to a black tag board, mat board, or heavyweight construction paper. It need not be a black “hole” but can be solid behind the work.  Please try to keep the boarders of the matting to somewhere between 2 and 4 inches.  Do not use staples or tacks as they take away from the artwork.  If the paper is thin and you are using a “hole” format mat, please add a thicker backing behind the work.  Some works last year were “sagging” as they were supported by the easels.
  • You will need to create labels for your work. I am hesitant to restrict these because student pictures could be added or school logos, etc.  But remember the key is uniformity through the whole show.  Please use Times New Roman 14 font with NO bolding or italicizing.

Please follow:               Student Name (A)

                                     Grade level (B)

                                     School Name (D)

                                     Medium used (G)

Letters here will correspond with the shared spreadsheet that you will also be filling out.

General submission guidelines to follow:

  1. FIVE, EXCELLENT QUALITY, FINISHED artworks are allowed from each school per grade category (K-4, 5-8, 9-12) – if you teacher at more than one school or grade and middle (or middle and high) it is fine to submit five per school or competition category. We want all schools to be able to participate equally per category.
  2. All work must be 2-D only but any medium.
  3. Size limits not to exceed 30” x 30”.
  4. Please ship all works to me flat, not rolled!
  5. All entries must have the attached form taped to the back of the artwork securely in the top right of back. (So we can also tell intended orientation of work.)
  6. Please ALSO fill out the shared attached GOOGLE DOC that I will send you all soon. This is to guarantee correct spellings for use on participation certificates, and have record of who is participating to know if yours is coming or lost in the mail!
  7. Create above mentioned labels for the front bottom right corner of works.
  8. Please mat works in BLACK as above listed. * The only artworks that do not require a mat is wood framed stretched canvases or canvas boards/Masonite boards.  These are stiff enough for display. (Please make sure sides are painted or blacked so they look nice too!)
  9. Send works to: Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School starting in March.

                        Attn.: Jennifer Cooper

                        6000 S. Marginal Rd.

                        Cleveland OH, 44103

Posters for you to display are attached so that you can print them.  These are meant to get your students excited about the event in your schools.  We will also create a printed booklet for the event, and will have certificates of participation available after the show.  Booklets will be available if you come to the show on April 7th.  Ribbons, certificates and booklet copies will be sent with returned work after second venue.   

**A reminder, this is a juried/judged show which will include best in show, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each ago category (K-4, 5-8, 9-12).  Gift cards and ribbons will be provided.

Due dates:  Please fill out the shared google spreadsheet with your 5 works and also send your works by March 23rd!

If you have any questions at all, please contact me at this email address – or school phone (216)432-3660 ext. 401, or even on my personal cell phone (216) 469-3920.