Art Heals as St. Louis and Ferguson Hurt: Gateway Science Academy Art Teachers Answer the Call

Art Heals as St. Louis and Ferguson Hurt: Gateway Science Academy Art Teachers Answer the Call

On Tuesday, November 25th, all Gateway Science Academy locations in Saint Louis were closed due to local unrest.  Art teachers Breanna Cashel (GSA-Smiley) and Meagan Impellizzeri (GSA-South) spent the day helping heal the community by painting boarded windows on a stretch of South Grand damaged the night before.

Store owners wanted to share that the neighborhood was open for business, and over one hundred local artists responded to the call.  Messages of peace and hope soon filled the neighborhood as the community united in support.

“The morning after seeing the city I love burned, shattered, and divided was difficult.  I woke up feeling helpless but still hopeful for a healed, united Saint Louis.  I saw a post on social media asking for artists to help paint the boarded windows of shops and businesses damaged on South Grand.  It didn’t seem like much, but it was something I could do.  I contacted Meagan Impellizzeri, the art teacher at GSA South, and we collected supplies and headed to the meeting spot at a gelateria.  I was filled with hope as I witnessed a neighborhood coming together.


People dropped of gallons of paint and supplies for the volunteers.  Businesses stayed open to serve their patrons.  A police officer threw a football with kids in the park.  Children shared baked goods with the painters.  More than a hundred artists ascended on the affected stretch of South Grand that day to transform a symbol of destruction into a colorful message of peace.”

-Breanna Cashel

Art Teacher at Gateway Science Academy-Smiley 



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