Our Story

Back in 1999, a small group of educators, engineers and academicians founded Horizon Science Academy Cleveland and Horizon Science Academy Columbus in Ohio. The group, which included Turkish American educators, developed what has evolved into a proven successful school design that Concept implements in all of its schools today. Part of this visionary team was our current CEO, Sedat Duman, and Vice President, Salim Ucan.

Upon attaining a high level of success and establishing a great reputation as college preparatory, STEM-focused schools, the same team founded Concept as part of their replication model in 2003. Since then Concept has grown to manage 30 schools in seven different states in the Midwest.

In such as short time, Concept has become one of the most sought-after organizations when it comes to STEM- focused charter schools in the Midwest. In a research study released in January 2013 by CREDO of Stanford University, Concept was named among the highest-performing charter support organizations in the nation.